Photo- Courtesy of Ken Schwartzman

Dance, Yoga, Choreography

The benefits of dance, yoga, movement, and creativity in my life are endless.  I receive great joy in sharing my passion for movement.  Whether you are considering dropping in on your first class or are a seasoned practitioner, I am happy to be a part of your movement journey. 

Join me in January for MOPDC's Winter Intensive:  Dance, Choreograph, Envision



Megan Minturn, MA, RYT,


 "Megan is my favorite yoga teacher.  She encourages you in a most comfortable and creative way to help you reach your full  potential.  Her classes are fun, relaxing, and something to look forward to EVERY week!"  -Thursday, Vinyasa Yoga Student

"Yoga has helped me feel better both inside and out.  I have more self confidence, more energy, I walk taller, stand straighter, and overall feel better.  And Megan has been a huge part of that.  Her constant encouragement and genuine care about my wellbeing, in addition to her enthusiasm for yoga in her own life, have helped make yoga something I can not imagine my life without."  -Jen K.